692 Coffee and Bar Communal Seating Area Design Plan


Furniture has been ordered, the snow has melted and construction is in full swing! It seems spring has arrived right on time for all of the exciting things that have been happening lately. In case you missed it, I am designing a new Manotick Coffee Shop! Go see my first post here and then read on.

Today I’m talking about the communal seating area where you and several friends (or new friends) can gather for coffee, after work drinks or evening games (yes we’re building some clever shelves into this original counter to house board games). This is a substantial piece and I am so curious about what the original owners used this for. We will be finishing off the incomplete end and adding charging stations at either end.

The white stools will pop against the warm wood tones and industrial school house lighting will carry the old charm into the modernized space.

Although my plan included a pre made mural, we’ve opted to go with a custom painted one instead by a local Ottawa artist, to fill the future wall behind the communal table.

Here is what the space looked like originally:


Here are the design plans for this wall:


This bookshelf is crazy old and ridiculously heavy but it gets to stay! We’re relocating it to the front of the shop, freshening it up with paint and using it to display locally made goods (and coffee of course).

The red kitchen door also gets to stay (but will be painted another colour). The door opening you see here will be gone as we are expanding the kitchen area which is housed behind this wall. A new hallway will be built further towards the back of the shop and will lead to the universal washroom.

Originally I considered placing a counter facing the back window with two stools but opted instead for more lounge seating and a side table shaped just like a coffee bean. The sun through this window is crazy bright so we all agreed it would be better to face into the shop in this spot.

We are continuing the micro brass wall sconces back here (and I love them so much I am using another variation of the brass micro wall sconce in our Neutral Family Bath Renovation).

I can’t wait to see how this area turns out, especially with the custom mural that I will definitely be snapping an instagram pic in front of!

If you want to follow the renovation closely, I will be posting the progress and plans here on the blog, as well as on my instagram and 692 Coffee and Bar’s Instagram. We are now into the construction phase and it is going to be such an incredible space!

Photography & Product Styling by Ashley Izsak | See more home updates on Instagram