692 Coffee and Bar Lounge Design Plan


Some exciting news to begin! The craft paper is up on the windows at 692 Coffee and Bar and construction is officially set to begin (cue the clinking of glasses)! In case you missed my introductory post talking about the Ottawa Coffee Shop that I am designing, go take a quick look and then read on.

Today I’m here to chat all things lounge area. This is where you will find me, sitting behind my MacBook with a chai latte and scone in hand, designing away… because I assume I will have a forever reserved table right?! Okay, in all seriousness I get giddy every time I look at this part of the plan. A fireplace was one of the first requests the owners made for the space and originally we talked about putting it in another room altogether - that was until I brought my husband Andrew into the shop. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, he’s an engineer and basically thinks the opposite way that I think, so he’s a wonderful man to have around to bounce ideas off of. He just checks my design dreams into reality.

He immediately suggested changing things up and bringing the fireplace lounge area out into the open. We will be working with the wonderful pair that make up Wilwood Perth to create the custom bench seating and wood log storage details (amongst other things in the shop). Custom cushions will be hung from the wall and the best caramel leather armchairs will form a semi circle facing the gas stove fireplace.

A gorgeous light fixture will be suspended directly above the coffee table (but I’m keeping that fixture a surprise for now). Brass micro wall sconces will be mounted throughout the shop above seating areas.


The Inspiration Behind the Lounge Seating Area

I really wanted to make this area a gathering spot. Right now we have a blank slate to work with. The windows provide a nice amount of light, but are high enough that we can suspend hanging planters in front of them without interfering with the seating plan. The big counter pictured above will be relocated to the opposite wall and serve as a communal seating area and game table.

We’re keeping the original flooring in this area and I can’t wait to see the mix of the original details with the new things we bring in.

I am excited to see this area take shape and be filled with music, people and an amazing exposed vent which will extend up from the gas stove fireplace to the ceiling.

If you want to follow the renovation closely, I will be posting the progress and plans here on the blog, as well as on my instagram and 692 Coffee and Bar’s Instagram. We are now into the construction phase and it is going to be such an incredible space!

Photography & Product Styling by Ashley Izsak | See more home updates on Instagram