A Neutral Family Bath Remodel


What happens when two bloggers start texting late one Monday night? Big design plans happen! The kind that have you tip toeing into your bedroom, casually asking if your husband might be up for the One Room Challenge - even though it requires a six week timeline and begins that Thursday. Also, said husband will be your general contractor for the project.

Luckily he agreed and here we are one demo day down with a solid design plan in hand! I have to say that I got schooled today in how messy living in a renovation can be (and also reminded how great my preferred contractor is at keeping client sites tidy).

But I’m not actually complaining because here is what our bathroom looked like up until today. (Queue all the gasps…)


Family Bathroom Before and After by Ashley Izsak
Week 1 of the one room challenge. A family bathroom remodel by Ashley Izsak

Alright I might have been a tad dramatic and it actually looks worse in real life. Nothing (apart from the floor grout) was falling apart but the whole thing just screamed cheap 90s reno. More before shots are up on my personal blog Calmly Chaotic if you want to see them.

Everything you see in these pictures is going except for the bathtub. The tub is in great condition and it is such a tiny space and there is no way to enlarge it so it’s staying. The floor tile will be replaced with a terrazzo tile, the heavy original vanity with at least five coats of paint on it will be replaced with an elevated Ikea vanity with custom drawer fronts, a stone countertop, two vessel sinks and two wall mounted faucets.

Here is the Original Family Bath Design Plan


Bathroom Inspiration Source List: Wall sconces  / Umbra Hub Mirror  / Deltra Trinsic Wall Mounted Faucets  / Vanity Inspiration Photo / Tile Wall and Mirror Inspiration Photo / Drawer Front / Handheld Shower / Shower Trim and Tub Diverter / Toilet

Because we only have six weeks to complete the project, I’ve had to be my most decisive self. This meant making quick decisions with my ideal product choices in order to reach out and partner with brands. (Something that my social media presence has luckily allowed me to do).

We’ve already slightly altered these design plans as we are leaning towards a longer and thinner subway-esque tile stacked just slightly off - so it won’t be exactly like this elevation drawing, but it will be pretty close:


Originally we were thinking of going with an even larger white tile for the bath and shower surround but after doing a little digging on Pinterest, we both agreed that it looked to sterile for our tastes. So we’ve decided to carry the same tile from above the vanity, into this area.

I am slightly nervous about our vessel sink choice - only because we have three children and one is very much a toddler (read way too short to reach a vessel sink). The reason we are going with the vessel sink is to accommodate the Ikea drawers. I’ve seen some gorgeous custom solutions to get around the plumbing challenge using non Ikea under-mount sinks but since my husband is playing contractor and plumber (and isn’t actually either of those things), I am trying to minimize the difficult details.


I really want this space to be beautiful but also functional for our family of five. This is our only main floor washroom so when Andrew suggested we also tear out the linen closet I was initially hesitant because - where will all the ugly stuff go? But we’ve come up with a good alternative to allow for more floor space and a mix of open shelving and baskets.


After day 1 of demo this is what the space looks like:


If you want to follow the renovation closely, I will be posting the progress and plans here on the blog, on my personal blog Calmly Chaotic, as well as on my instagram (Check my IG Stories for video footage). We are now all done the demo phase and I can’t wait to watch it come together!

Photography & Product Styling by Ashley Izsak | See more home updates on Instagram

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