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When Marie reached out to me about designing her brand and website, I knew she was entrusting me with something she had longed for and worked towards for a very long time.

Weaving meaning and beauty into what I create for my clients. Photography inspired by my admiration for creatives.




Brand Identity, Logo Design, Bilingual Website Design, Bilingual Blog Design and Branding Collateral

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Design a fresh and beautiful website that draws people in and showcases Marie’s growing photography portfolio as well as her desire to start a blog. Balancing her desire to be known as a cultural photographer, and also a voice in the blogging community where she can document her journey from corporate career to pursuing her creative passion.



Marie had put a lot of thought into the look and feel of her brand and even had a long list of sites that inspired her. The monogram that we ended up with was my very first design for her brand and something I kept coming back to through my logo production phase. I wanted to give her a more fluid option as well but I am so happy she also felt that the monogram was the perfect representation of her style. The initial colour concept was a tad warmer than what we decided to go with in the end but the overall feel stayed consistent.



I first met Marie on a rainy day at a local Bridgehead coffee shop. She was warm and gracious and oozing excitement to finally take these steps to share her passion through her business. I wanted Marie’s logo to be soft and beautiful, yet serious - exactly how she seems in real life.



Marie’s blog is a reflection of both her photography and her story. Marie’s website includes two sets of blogs in both english and french. The first is a traditional blog in the sense that she will be telling her story and journey of photography and life. The second is a look at the personal and universal ways that creatives work and at the details behind their creations.


This project felt like it had so much personal significance and it was so wonderful to work alongside someone with so much creativity. Our final handover meeting was on another dreary day and Marie surprised me with a bouquet of flowers that perfectly matched her brand colours. What a way to end a project!

Hop on over to Marie Florence Musa and take a look at her beautiful photography (and while you’re at it, read her first story).

Working with Marie Florence Musa

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