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When Susan and John approached me to tackle the branding of their new business I was so excited to work with them to design an approachable and authentic website that would showcase their lovely custom tables.

Also, Susan happened to be my boss - in my past (pre children) life - so getting to do this for her was definitely a quiet thrill.

Tables designed to fit.

Whether your gathering is intimate or immense, our tables are each hand crafted to fit your needs. Scalable furniture because one size does not fit all.


Retail / Shopping


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design, Instagram Strategy Design, Marketing Collateral, Brand Photography

See Yore Decor Live on Squarespace:



Design an inviting brand and website that showcases John and Susan’s growing custom furniture business. Highlight their custom designed tables, their process and their use of sustainable business practices.



I wanted to keep the branding simple yet inviting for Yore Decor. Their tables brought to mind gatherings - so I wanted this site to be warm and approachable. Browns, creams and greens were a natural choice for the colour palette as Susan and John own a lovely farm and John makes the tables in a restored barn.



I wanted to keep the logo simple but also special - speaking to the handmade nature of their tables. The contrasting fonts really work well together and the greenery icon adds a playful touch to their secondary logo.


This project came together in such a fluid manner it almost surprised me. Once the colour palette was established I really had a clear vision for how I wanted the user experience to flow. Being invited to their farm to photograph a selection of John and Susan’s tables was such a wonderful experience. Branding their Instagram and Facebook ensured that a consistent voice / look and feel was carried throughout all of their customer facing avenues. I can’t wait to watch their business grow!

Hop on over to Yore Decor and take a look at their beautiful tables (and while you’re at it, hop over to Instagram and follow along).


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