Custom Website Design

Crafting Visual Identities with Squarespace

You have an idea - a book you just wrote, a kickstarter campaign, a small business, a blog concept - and you’re ready to share it. But where do you begin? How do you design a website that draws clients in?


Step 01

Muster up the bravery required to take action toward launching an online presence. You can do this!

Step 02

Build your website.


The perfect font pairing, the SEO optimized platform, an effortless headshot of your stained lips and your ideal face angle.  A sea of followers, a flood of customers singing your praises.

Or maybe you have no idea where to begin and you’d rather leave the website design to someone who will work with your vision and style, and make something unique and lasting (so you can spend your time growing your business).

Stand out from the rest with a beautifully crafted custom Squarespace website. You provide the content and we'll collaborate to tell your visual story in a simple yet stand-out way.

A custom website is for you if:

  • You want something uniquely yours

  • You are re-branding or re-launching your site

  • You have an existing business or are about to launch

  • You have a deep fear of anything beginning with the word “code”


Step 03

Tell the world about your new business.

Where does your ideal audience spend time online? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram? While it would be great to be on all platforms, we are only human and there are only 24 hours in one day, so my suggestion: pick one platform to focus on and then cross promote your content to all of your other social media accounts. Personally, I love Instagram for the mix of visuals, strong hashtag communities and the infinite behind-the-scenes use of Instagram Stories.

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s an instagram story, what is cross promotion and what’s an influencer?” I can help!


I offer an Instagram Start-up Bundle to get you focused and clear on what you should be sharing. It includes:

Crafting of a custom Profile Description

Creation of a content calendar for consistent posting for a duration of 9 posts.

Creation of a custom hashtag for use by customers.

Set-up on an Instagram planning tool and a rundown on how to use it

Creation of a custom Instagram editing process - including a Lightroom preset tool (or similar) so that all of your images have the same look and feel

Six fully edited images (some may be typography posts as opposed to images) as well as caption examples to get your consistent brand started on Instagram

A list of 20 relevant hashtags to help you reach your audience and grow your account

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Let’s make a website that is uniquely you.

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